Need to be more vigilant when you are a next gen netizen

Cyber bullying a bitter reality in India for lack of laws
Trishna Saikia (name changed) could not believe it when her best friend created a fake profile of her on a social networking site and sent derogatory messages to common friends in a bid to get back at Saikia for dating a boy she liked.
“She used my personal images and insulted me on a public forum,” the victim related.
Like Saikia, many young girls and boys fall prey to online abuse and cyber bullying, which experts describe as “the intentional use of harmful words to put another person down.”
“Cyber bullying is a typical type of online harassment, which can be defined as hurling harsh, rude, insulting, teasing remarks through the message box or in open forums targeting one’s body shape and structure, educational qualifications, professional qualifications, family, gender orientation, personal habits and outlook,” Debarati Halder, advocate and managing director, Centre for Cyber Victim Counselling, told IANS.
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