Gandhinagar – Before Infocity &
After Infocity

The city was planned and developed by the experienced hands of Chief Architect H.K. Mewada and his assistant Prakash M Apte in 1950’s. The city has developed in four distinct phases first as Gandhian city Unpolluted Green City. After the advent of Infocity, Gandhinagar has developed on the path of a smart, ecofriendly cosmopolitan. The IT industry is experiencing its golden age and sky is the limit marked. With the basic objectives of construction of 5, 00,000 square feet of I.T. Space, international standard facilities to Global Clients, to bring Gandhinagar as an I.T. Destination on the Global Map, Socio Economic Development of Gujarat. Infocity after its inception has taken the holistic development from 0 to 15 km. in just a decade.
The city which almost lost its name in the cobweb has emerged as one of the preferred investment zone in the state.